Sunday, June 30, 2013


After driving the countryside I came across Delavan, Wisconsin.  What's so interesting to me is that most of the towns have a water tower in the middle of town.  Sort of, like right there on the, what we New Englanders, would call the town green, stands this huge tower.
 But who knew that I was standing on sacred circus ground?  Read below.
 I find it curious that they say the original P.T. Barnum Circus was organized in Delavan.  In Bridgeport, CT, about 20 minutes from Orange is the Barnum museum, where good old P.T. haled from.  In fact at Mountain Grove Cemetery in Bridgeport you can find his grave and the grave of Tom Thumb with a life size monument.  I'll take photos some day and get back to you.  But for now Delavan.

 Circus animals dotted the ground below the water tower.

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