Tuesday, July 15, 2014

The Happy Tax Collector

Well it all started when I got my Motor Vehicle Tax bill.  Here in Orange they want the ENTIRE bill paid at once.  I was not happy.  But being a good citizen I complied and wrote out my check then walked across the street to Town Hall.  I went up the flight of stairs and entered the Tax Collector's office.  On the door I saw the happy sunshine face and it made me smile.  Then I turned the corner and what a surprise!
 Very large ants were crawling all over the papered walls!

A plate of hamburgers and hotdogs albeit fake, was under the green tent so that the ants couldn't get to them.
 Marshmellows were roasting in the background.  Fire Marshall - not a real fire!
The desks had been transformed into one large picnic basket and of course what's a picnic without a flyswatter and cooler in the background, just in case.  Looks like one of the women was taking a siesta but she didn't want to be in the photo.

Well I tell you I was so happy that I thought about paying much more than what I had been assessed.  But then, my right mind came back to me.

Thanks to the women in the Tax Collectors office for making my day just a bit brighter and paying taxes a more palatable event.  Photos were used with the permission.

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