Sunday, November 24, 2013

Cowgirl Boots

I have to admit I had boot envy.  My $50 Payless cowgirl boots paled in comparison to these fine boots.  There were about four long rows of boots for women.
Here's a pair for the Christian cowgirl.  The name of the boot is Ooh My God II and if you enlarge the photo you'll see it's $489.99. Now that's some boot.  I think it would compliment my robe quite nicely.
The ultimate.  Here's Chris in shock and awe because she found a pair of boots for three grand, YUP little paw'dner that's $3000.00.  We didn't buy them.


  1. That's how I'll always remember Chris. They could sell a few thousand acres and she could get them. But where would she wear them. How much were the boots with the crosses by comparison?

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