Friday, November 8, 2013

An almost Halloween Hayride

We took a drive on the ranch to see where we were going to have a hayride and campfire on Halloween.  It was going to be under this tree and an oasis of trees.  Beautiful, eh?  Well the night of the hayride the skies opened up and prevented us from trekking out here.  So we roasted weenies in the cantina near the ranch house.
Karen and Chris trying to invoke the spirits for a nice weather forecast.
A bonfire under these trees would have been creepy, right? 

Our hosts, Chris and Milton Beckendorff.
Later on in the evening the skies cleared and we were able to see thousands of stars.  Gail and I even saw a shooting star as we were listening to Milton tell us ghost ranch stories.
It was the most perfect Halloween.

Friday at the Feeder will return in a few weeks.

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