Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Branding Irons

Gives a whole new outlook on 'branding'!
The Beckendorff cattle are still branded because it's permanent but they also have tags in their ears that have phone numbers just in case one gets loose…which they do from time to time if one of the fences is comprimised.


  1. Oh nice! Nice to see although I would not like to do the branding.

    On my recent tiyul we learned about how Bedouin brand their camels. Whether the brand is on the neck or rear thigh matters for tribal identification of the animal.
    I remember finding ear tags of sheep, goats, or cattle in the fields and barns of Heifer Ranch. The tags can come off or get caught in a fence or whatever. It's good to have a back-up brand (but we didn't).

  2. Interesting about the Bedouin branding. I guess each tribe or ranch has their own markings. Same thing with the ear tags at the ranch, the tags can come off or taken from their ears in the case of theft.