Friday, September 27, 2013

Friday at the Feeder

At the feeder is on the road to the Orange Country Fair.  Here in the raptor tent we saw four different types of raptors.  I'll feature one a week for the next four Friday at the Feeder weeks.  This is a Red Tail Hawk Buteo jamaicensis.

With a tail span of up to 4 feet, male hawks come in a variety of browns to white with the distinctive red tail.  They feed on mice, birds, snakes, and insects.  So my little songbirds need to BEWARE.  These are, most often, the hawks you see perched on the light posts of the turnpike or parkway.  They are also the ones that circle open fields looking for their prey.


  1. Beautiful! We have a pair nesting in the tree line at the edge of our property,

  2. These photos are wonderful! So exciting!