Friday, May 31, 2013

Friday at the Feeder

Today we'll take a break from the Memorial Day parade to see who has been at the feeder.  It's Mr. and Mrs. Cardinalis cardinals AKA Northern Cardinal or Stan and Lil.  
 Stan prefers the larger sunflower seeds.
 Lil, the smaller seeds.  She is a bit of a messy eater with all of the seed on her beak. Don't you think?

Cardinals predominantly are monogamous and mate for life.
Last Photo by Robert Cohen of St. Louis Today
Here's another Stan and Lil!  Stan and Lil Musial, Stan was the greatest St. Louis Cardinal baseball player ever.  They mated for life at 62 years and now are gracing a ballpark on a distant and shiny shore.


  1. Wow, even the male's beak is red.
    Those seeds look good enough to eat.

  2. I know, when I open the bag to replenish the feeder I always think that too!!!

  3. Beautiful, beautiful images and words, thank you!