Thursday, April 18, 2013

Josef Albers

Who knew that the artist and educator Josef Albers and his wife Anni are buried in the Orange Cemetery?  The cemetery is just down the street from the parsonage and the church.  

Josef was born in March of 1888 in Germany and was educated and taught at the Bauhaus.  He immigrated to the US in 1933 when the Nazi regime closed down the Bauhaus.  He first arrived and taught in Black Mountain, North Carolina and then was asked to come to the Yale University School of Design.  He and Anni lived in Orange and now are buried here.  He produced some important work that is shown below and wrote a seminal book on color, "Interaction of Art", which happened to be one of my textbooks in college.
 Artwork and photo of Albers downloaded from Google search images.  One more thing the Josef and Anni Albers Foundation is located in Bethany, CT, just a town or two over as the crow flies.

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