Monday, August 1, 2016

24 hours in Memphis

After arriving back from Lake Geneva, WI to St. Louis Cathy, my friend, and I hopped in her car and headed off to Tennessee to see some sights in Memphis.  Particularly we wanted to see Graceland, Elvis' home.  We were in Memphis for 24 hours and it did not disappoint.  

This was taken from the car as we just arrived in Memphis.  I was amazed at the street sign and could barely get my camera out in time.
Graceland!  You have to park on one side of Elvis Presley Blvd and take a bus to the other side to enter Graceland.
Above and below are photos of the gates to Graceland.  They were beautiful and people wrote their names in the bricks as a sign of memorial.  The gate itself had Elvis outlined in steel.

His living room.
 His billiards room.
His 'media' room.
When you are finished touring his home you go to the trophy building.  Whether you like Elvis or not you've got to be impressed with all of the awards and gold records he achieved. This was just one hallway.
 Some of the King's attire.
 And this is Graceland, not really all that big.
Elvis' backyard.

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