Thursday, February 26, 2015

Ahjah Dah

Would you worship this goddess? The people of the Ancient Near East, way back in the day, worshipped all sorts of gods and goddess'. Need a fine glass of Chardonney - call upon Geshchtinanna, a Sumerian god grapevines and wine. How about a nice ciabatta with that? Dagen, god of grain can help. I guess when you're desperate, it doesn't matter what the deity looks like, if they've got the goods, well so be it.

But this babe? I've named her Ahjah Dah, goddess of upper intestinal distress. Clearly she's hurting and feeling your pain. Maybe the ciabatta had too much garlic and she lifts her well rounded breasts to breathe easier. Perhaps she's performing an ancient Semitic ritual of cleansing hoping to rid herself of what ails you. But the eyes, well they tell the story man, they tell the story.
I saw this sweetie in the Tower of David Museum inside of the Jaffe Gate at the Old City in Jerusalem. She's a beaut!

This is a post from March of 2008 from my blog 'From a Thin Place'.  I've posted in honor of Krista, my friend who is in Israel right now.  I've doctored this photo up in Pixlr from the original.


  1. Hoho! Do these tints mean you are (yellowish-)green with envy, not being in Jerusalem right now? ;)

  2. You hit the nail on the head Dina!

  3. "See which Semitic god you are"