Thursday, July 28, 2016

City Garden

"Citygarden, a project of the City of St. Louis funded by Gateway Foundation, has carved out three acres in the heart of downtown and transformed them into an exhilarating urban oasis featuring modern and contemporary sculptures, lush landscape, reflecting pools, a cafe, and a playful spray plaza.  You won't find wall or fences, admissions fees or do not touch sign, because at Citygarden you are always free.  Free to explore. Free to Play.  Free to feel inspired. 
 Eros Bendato 1999 Bronze  Artist: Igor Mitoraj
 2 Arcs x 4  1999-2000 Steel   Artist: Bernar Venet
 Big White Gloves, Big Four Wheels  2008  Painted Bronse    Artist: Jim Dine

 Untitled (Two Rabbits)  2004  Bronze    Artist: Claassen

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