Thursday, July 23, 2015

Q Bridge aka Pearl Harbor Memorial Bridge and Interchange Tour

I guess only real nerds take tours of the Q Bridge construction site on their vacation.  And so I did with the Meet Up group, Amazing Events.  This was truly a fascinating tour.  A construction engineer for the Bridge and then an engineer for the interchange improvement program gave a talk and slide presentation at the DOT in New Haven.  I learned so much I can't even begin to repeat it all.  I have a whole new regard for the DOT, engineers and workers.
 "Extradosed bridges have structural characteristics similar to those of concrete box girder and cable-stayed bridges and have been used for many years in Europe and Japan."  It's the first of it's kind in the US.  "The original Q-Bridge, a girder and floor beam design, was opened to traffic in 1958 and had only 3 lanes traveling in each direction.  By 2015, 140,000 vehicles are expected to travel over the Pearl Harbor Memorial (Q) Bridge DAILY." (my emphasis)

This tops a robe and stole.

They promised by November of 2016 it'll all be done!!!!

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