Monday, May 18, 2015

Powder House Day - April 25, 2015

Before Benedict Arnold became a bad guy he was a pretty good guy.  From New Haven, CT he demanded that the mayor of New Haven give him the keys to the powder house that held ammo so that his troops could march up to Lexington and jump in hastening the American Revolution.  Click here to read more about him and the revolt.  I attended this commemoration the years I was living in New Haven and went back this year to have another look.  Here is the 240th Observance of The Charter Grant to the Second Company Governor's Foot Guard of Connecticut and the Departure to the Command to Cambridge, MA in April of 1775.  Above it all began at Center Church on the Green with a service, taps and hymns.
Then they march around and to the other side of the green to the Courthouse.

Demanding the keys

Going in to get the mayor.

Michael Smart filled in for New Haven's mayor that day.  Michael was (is still???) the Alderman of the Wooster Square district where I lived.
Finally getting the KEYS!!!!!!!!

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