Sunday, December 21, 2014

Two of the most treasured ornaments...

in my home are the Santa and the Star.  They are humble and a sweet memory of the past.  The Santa is a German glass ornament that belonged to my mother. The glass now is paper thin.  She was so proud of it and the fact that he was an antique.  When she hung it on the tree she always made note of how special this one ornament was.  That was back in the 1950's so now it is REALLY old!

I continued that tradition of hanging Santa on my tree and saying to my children how old and special Santa was.  You'll notice that he is quite disabled however.  That happened under my watch.  One year my oldest son was hanging all of his origami on the tree and the tree fell over.  I lost a few ornaments in that mishap and Santa lost all of one leg and part of the other.  Poor Santa!

I continue to hang him because for me it tells the story of how generations bless and injure one another and how three generations are united by this ornament.  It was a breaking of the past in order for this Santa to survive into the future with a new memory to keep.

The Star that is in the background to the right of Santa was made by me in third grade.  It is nothing but plain white styrofoam (yes they had it back then).  We used cookie cutters to cut the star form and then we carved in the rays of the star and put glue and glitter in the rays.  It still hangs by the original string.

I love my ornaments but I especially love these two.   The star and the Santa always are in sight of one another.


  1. A nice lesson. "It'll preach."

  2. Blessed by your post. thanks

    ALOHA from Honolulu
    Christmas Flute [me playing]

  3. I remember it 10 years before you became another present.