Saturday, June 7, 2014

Norwalk Maritime Aquarium

Over the next few days we'll spend some time inside the aquarium.  I went down on Memorial Day to do a study of seahorse and seahorse behavior.  Found out the are real buggers to photograph because they swim quickly and hardly stay stationary.  
To the left is a VERY pregnant MALE seahorse.  The female plants her eggs inside of the male where they are fertilized and then he maintains them until birth.  Gestation period is 45 days and then he spews them out in labor sometimes over a 24 hour period. Seahorses mate for life and have an elaborate mating ritual....this is I didn't get to see.  Below is a video that I shot on my phone.  The pregnant one just hovers behind the sea grasses.

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  1. They have the right idea.
    And they are so cute!