Thursday, February 20, 2014

Two toed sloth

Meet Natalie!  Nattie is a two toed sloth that I met at the Toucan Rescue Ranch in Heredia, Costa Rica.  She was so sweet and they are so cute to watch because they love their blankets and to be curled up in them.  Who doesn't?  The Toucan Rescue Ranch is a wonderful ranch that we spent the afternoon at watching and photographing the toucan, owls and sloths.  More to come.  These are no longer iPhone photos, I've downloaded all my photos into a workable file and program thanks to my friend and photographer, Harold Shapiro.  Thanks Harold!


  1. If you cannot connect to the Toucan Rescue Ranch, their web address is

  2. The sloth is so sweet. The ranch could be a good place to work as a live-in volunteer.