Sunday, January 5, 2014

Would'a, Could'a, Should'a

Since I took a hiatus in December from posting on Orange Slices, I'm posting photos from Christmas Past.  These photos, today and tomorrow are of Maple View farm across the green from the parsonage.  It's owned by one of the Clark families in town.  In the background on the first photo you can see the Church.

 Don, on the left with the yellow glove, occasionally brings in fresh eggs for me.  It's fun to have a dozen eggs appear on my desk, I feel like the country parson receiving eggs as payment for services.  I'll take that any day!


  1. Santa on his "sleigh"! The horses have beautiful tack (including bells?!).

  2. Yes, it's fun to hear them coming down the street.

  3. Why "coulda shoulda and woulda"? I only count two horses, where is the third?