Saturday, March 30, 2013

Welcome to Orange, Connecticut

Well, it looks like I'm back at it again.  My last blog, Wooster Square Daily Photo ceased after I moved from New Haven to Wilton, CT to pursue the Interim Sr. Pastor position at the Wilton Congregational Church.  I was there for 16 months only until they found their settled pastor.  Now I am in Orange, CT serving the Orange Congregational Church as their Interim Sr. Pastor.  

Orange is a wonderful community located within about 20 minutes to New Haven but yet has a very rural feel to it.  From the town website:

"The rolling hills which make up the 17.6 square miles of Orange, located just west of New Haven, were once owned by the Paugusset Indians. In 1639, the Rev. Peter Prudden purchased the land from the Indians for six coats, ten blankets, one kettle, twelve hatchets, twelve hoes, two dozen knives and a dozen small mirrors. Orange remained a simple farming community until the mid-1940's when postwar residential construction began. Proper zoning foresight has let Orange develop into an open, well-planned residential community which retains the New England simplicity of which the residents are proud.  (Some entrepreneur that Rev. Prudden!)

Orange is a desirable town in which to live, as evidenced by the above-average school system, a wide range of community services and easy access to urban areas of the state using Routes 1, 15, 34 and I-95, all of which traverse Orange."

I will show you more about Orange as time passes and I learn more about the community in which I reside now.  


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  3. Hey! So glad you have a new blog! The template is tangy and full of zest. Perfect for Orange.
    Interesting to read what the Indians needed or wanted even more than land.